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Requested by @ThexCatmanx

Block Quote Use

Block Quote

  • Can be used many ways

Depending on what lines

  • You throw the > in conjunction with.

Use your creativity to organize it how you want.


  • HyperLink
    → [This Displays](This Links) Example Above

Text Formats

  • Bold
  • Italics
    I use this in place of parenthesis for organization in topics
In-line Code scrolling for condensed line composure and tightened topics. In-line Code scrolling for condensed line composure and tightened topics. In-line Code scrolling for condensed line composure and tightened topics. In-line Code scrolling for condensed line composure and tightened topics.

3 Hyphens below a line segment turn the above line into a Header

  • Or create a line Seperation when there’s spacing

  • Lists
  • Are
  • Asterisk + Space + Topic


Hashtag/Number sign creates Headers

additional Hashtags/Number signs make smaller

and smaller headers

do not know if there’s a limit

but with Asterisk lists and


  1. Lists can be indented using Hyphen Arrow
    → Forward
    ← Backward

I like to Format using Header, Asterisk, then → which turns into

Header Title for main Category

  • Asterisk + Category
    → Forward Indent Arrow
  • Asterisk + Category 2
    → For list in Category 2
  1. Numbers work the
    → the same as Asterisks and Headers
  2. I just don’t use
  • Them
    → as much

  • As I use Header, Asterisk
    → then Arrow for Indention
    → because Header enlargens and Bolds.

Drop-Down Menus


This comes first and the title goes after.

<sup>(Click to Expand)</sup>

This is a Sub-Text above and to the right or left depending on where it’s placed in the title and is not required.


This ends the drop-down title.

The body goes immediately after and before


This ends the Drop-Down Body

Copy/Paste this

<Details> <Summary> Title <sup>(Sub-Text)</sup></Summary>



to get the below drop-down

Title (Sub-Text)


There may be more ways to play with this, but this is my knowledge of the setup. It says the forum is under classic HTML format so I assume any HTML formatting will be compatible.

Credits to @Walruss for Drop-Down info.


Well put idarkstar. Class act


This is some poggers material heree


I’m trying to figure out how to get the Drop Down menus in a copy/paste format without it actually turning into a drop down menu. lmao.

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@Walruss for that answer haha. Master of the drop down!


Bump, idk whats going on but fix it already ags


got it.

gotta turn it into, “In-Line code”

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What in the name of linux satan is going on here


Im D E A D :rofl:


Solution found.

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Here’s a few extras and going more in-depth;


You can use these tricks to give color to the post:

<MARK>Blue Background</MARK>
Blue Background

<INS>Green Background White Text with Underline</INS>
Green Background White Text with Underline

You can combo <MARK> and <INS> but the order matters:

<MARK><INS>Mark then INS</MARK></INS>
Mark then INS


Subscript & Superscript

Using <SUB>Subscript</SUB>
→ Using Subscript

Using <SUP>Superscript</SUP>
→ Using Superscript

You can also combo <SUB> and <SUP> to enchanted its effects. The order matters!

One Subscript vs. two Subscripts vs. three Subscripts… so tiny!

Putting Subscript then Superscript vs. putting Superscript then Subscript

Unfortunately, using the combo method will make it look different depending on the user’s browser.

Other Stuff

You can use &nbsp; to force extra spaces.
→ Using     five space

Using <BR> forces extra blank lines

3 or more *** on their own space gives a line

Use three ` or ~ above and below multiple lines of syntax to keep it unformatted.

="<DETAILS><SUMMARY>"&if(A242=false,"☐ ","☒ ")&E242&"</SUMMARY>

"&if(A242=false,"Need Image:<BR> ","<sub>Submitted by "&B242)&"

Go CRAZY with it

 P.S. this is 10 subscripts


HALP I am trapped inside 100 subscripts!!!

That is totally 100 subsripts above this text ^

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Seems like after 64x use of Subscript/superscript your text vanishes. That’s actually kinda neat - I might use that as a way to make personal notes in a thread that others can’t see or to hide reference anchors for linking.

64 uses of Superscript:
Visually caps after 3 uses for me

65 uses of Superscript:
Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries

However, if you highlight the text it does show up as a Quote:

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