Totally off topic but important info

Sorry if this if off topic per the game but I wanted everyone to know this. The government is mailing out 4 free rapid covid test to all US households starting tomorrow the 19th you can order yours.


The binax ones are good too btw.

Good to know, thx.

Great… just add that onto the inflation bill.

Why tho…

I’m assuming it’s because the new varient is going rampid and this way if you are worried about having it, you can just test yourself at home. A lot of schools are closing down again too.

Make sure the tests actually test for covid and not just a virus.

Ahh yea nearly forgot, thanks for reminding and link.

People are using them to prove that many other things are positive… like bottled water, beer, soda

I just read how in Hong Kong one pet store had a bad case of their hamsters being infected, so all 2000 are being culled. Don"t go kissing your pets if you think you are infected.

Because clinics are getting crushed by people just coming in for tests and they are less capable of dealing with people who need immediate care. It’s to lessen the strain on the system.

Bump. This is good info <3

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