Town board update needed

I think in the current state of the game, there is a very limited reason to actively do town boards for buffs/upgrades ect. With the nerf to XP from players leveling, it became more of an issue, as more and more towns fail to have buffs running, because players aren’t incentivized to do them effectively. A majority of quests either take time(running to a location to kill/collect), or require purchasing a few items from the trade post(to make something or directly turn in) which gives less gold than the items themselves are worth.

I think a quick way to improve this is to either increase the amount of “buy quests or craft quests” and to increase the gold reward so the players at least don’t go negative while doing so. A majority of quest turn ins are worth less than 5 gold, and when dungeons/events/literally anything else in the game rewards more than town boards, so it is just very rough to get people to want to do them.

Another way would be to reduce time per refresh of the town boards. If i wanted to get a buff going myself, I have to wait 30 minutes per 1 or 2 quest turn in which is a long time considering I would need to do them all day to even make progress on the town buff/upgrade going up.

I think these changes would be incredibly easy to make, and they would improve all the towns around to make buffs be more consistent, and to enable upgrades/buffs to not take 2-3 days on side territories.

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