Town bord and lazy compays

Srr for bad English
If your company owning teritory, you supose to take care of town bord quest, upgrades and others stuff retaliated with town, if not teritory supose to go white ( lose ownership) in 2 days

ppl on Fresh start arnt doing townboards as much because ppl are more focused on getting geared up before doing all the crafting

Well fss is another thing;D but still ,you not supose to own teritory if 6ou cant take care of it

why? Where does it state that? All a territory is, is a free money factory and considering most ppl dont have there crafting up on FS there is no reason to upgrade.

Becose you owning this teritory its supose to be YOUR COMPANY responsibility to TAKE CARE of ypur teritory, why me as random player supose take care of your upgrades? Your company geting mony from owning trritory3 not me. Ps like i say fss is diferent thing for now

because you want the upgrades??? its everyones responsibilty if you want a upgrade. FS or not everyone has to do it. It is not the company that owns the territory to run the townboards only, its been like this in beta and now.

If brimstone have everything on t5 becose brim owner’s do quest by themselves, and winsward have from t3 and t4, were you will craft your stuf? Or you spent time to do quest in ww or you tp to brim?

You are legit messing up your own argument. If you cant craft in one town then go to another ez fix ?? Also the Brim owners def didnt do it themselves and had outside help I can tell you that much. You legit just solved your own issue. Why does everything have to be T5 in one city? Considering the recent changes to how much each territory makes it isnt profitiable anymore to have everything up at T5 but rather that it is spread out as intended

It was exsample -_- this all post was more for companys whu owning teritory and craying nobody do town bord.
Like i say in first place it supose to be company responsibility for it, becose company is geting all profits from upgrades :wink:

Yes but the profits are still limited because of the new changes. You legit didnt read anything did you?

This is foolish. A company can’t push the town boards alone. It is the responsibility of the people who live and craft h th ere as well as town owners to “run the boards”.

The town owners select the upgrade or buff… and PAY for it. Let’s not forget that.

A compromise could be that if a company is not adding new tasks to the board for the townspeople to do then something happens.