Town Ownership Rewards Change Suggestion

In current situation there are like 2 or 3 cities that gets insane profit and unbalance the game totally. I would not mind at all if it would be used in legal ways or members improvements, but there are many servers where companies that hold cities like Everfall, Windsward or Brightwood are selling the gold for REAL MONEY!!! This should be illegal and permanent ban for it, without ability to change leadership, so the companies that are doing it to SINK!

I personally think the whole system need a complete change. I was thinking to 2 systems.

System 1:

  1. Each city to generate a fixed amount of money, depending of region level range.
    -starting cities to generate 100k each week.
    -next level range to generate 200k each week.
    -… until highest level range to generate 500k each week.
    ***(Money amount can be changed or set to whatever Amazon or community think it would be fair).
  2. Each city to generate a extra income depending of amount of houses taxes are being paid. The amount of money can be the current houses taxes, without anything addition. If a 20k house generate around 150g, considering the amount of houses will be a good additional to companies.
  3. Remove City weekly upkeep.

System 2:

  1. Same.
    1.1. As additional after each week that a company holds a territory to increase the city money.
    -If a beginning city generate 100k gold, if they hold the city for more than 7 days, next time city to generate like 110k gold. So each company will have interest to hold their cities for as long time they can.
    ***This will stop swaps of cities to alt companies or selling territories for real money!!!
  2. Same.
  3. Same.

Im sure there are ppl with better ideas, so feel free to share them.

In addition to your ideas, the economy in general has it’s own issues.

The economy is just inflated and has crazy price ranges. I see some rare items sell for cheap for crafting and others so outrageously over priced. Items to make the best trophies are super expensive. In addition, some of the crafting clothing are over priced like the smelter gear that cost like 20-30K each. Now times that by 5 that’s like a 100K already for a full gear. Also, Ori ingot is usually 40-50G each, and crafting requires a min of 15-30 of them so everyone buys it. I can make a good deal of coin just making Ori Ingot. I’m sure there are others who make a lot of coin doing other things as well.

Ppl will still spend crazy first 1 week for sure, but after wont be coming Millions of gold from Everfall, Windsward, Brightwood cities prices will set some realistic prices. As ppl will be more depending of farming, doing runs, OPR and not from just doing nothing and getting all the Millions in company storages.

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