Town Project Boards after hitting lvl 60

They provide little incentive to do now, most give little Gold and the XP given is useless. Only good for raising your Standing if you want to buy a house, after that there really isn’t a point to continue. XP should be replaced with something else. Like the Faction Quests, they give you 10x the Gold 3 times a day. That should apply to Town Boards too but make it 5 times a day as the gold is a lot lower than Faction Quests.

Either that or triple the gold it gives after hitting 60. Maybe give Azoth instead of XP? Just a thought. The Faction ones are better to do as it gives Tokens to spend in it’s own Shop.

They allow you to upgrade the town/fort and get improve lifestyle bonuses. No use doing them if you are not a citizen of that particular town.

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