Town projects problem?

Hi guys,
I am having problem with Town projects.
Please check the screen shots.

I went to Cutlass keys town first, as you can see from the SS named Z1a I can only get the bottom right 3 Town projects available.
Then I went to Wİndsward City. As you can see from the SS named Z2A I am having the same problem.
Then I went to Everfall City. . As you can see from the SS named Z3A the problem doenst exist there. I can get all Town projects.
I also put another SS named TerritotyStandings that you see my current standings.
What is wrong?
Any help would be appreciated.

If I understood your problem correctly what you are seeing is normal. Not all towns will have the full board active. That is why you are seeing different number of projects in different towns. As mayors activate more projects boards will update.

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