Town quests ending in killing Elites need to change

Yet another stupid town quest ending in killing “Elites” in an Elite zone.
All the way I did this quest SOLO. I’d like to finish it SOLO.

And no, they are not “just Elites”, they are “super-elite” bosses that need a team to take down.
In this case, it’s TWO Elites, in an area where if you take too long running around it’ll be night time and a bunch of boss-level elite ghosts will spawn just because it’s night.
So either your team waits till daylight or you get a bigger team.

It’s not in the endgame zone, so no one is running around in a zerg collecting Expertise increases.

There is zero incentive to help anyone do this quest. To maybe get a couple of potions or a gear drop you’re going to decon? Or maybe someone in your team is extremely lucky and rolled a Faction mission to kill one of the TWO bosses you need. But even then, it’s too tedious to bother. Just do two normal missions in the zone instead and you’ll be done in a fraction of the time with more reward.

These suddenly-changed-to-group-mission quests need to be changed, and FFS don’t make any more story missions like that. No one is interested in doing your story missions in a group. That’s not how it works in any MMORPG. In most MMORPGs – if you even bothered to research this, AGS – people do story quests SOLO. Because it’s best done that way. People want to experience the story on their time on their terms.

I don’t mind a challenging fight – and do it solo for maximum personal satisfaction and sense of achievement. But I DO mind suddenly having to beg in guild or zone chat for help. Especially when people are more interested in a loot-collection train in your gypsum zones or win-trading for Azoth Salt.

No I’m not interested in cheesing any of the fights or having to use a specific build / weapon combo just to get it done solo. If you have to do that you might as well admit that your weapon balance is rubbish. (Which it is, but it shouldn’t have to matter in story PvE).

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Maybe some new town board quests.

So you don’t have to cycle through (wasting time) until there’s not anymore elite quests. That’s what I used to do. Cycle through until there weren’t elite quests or ask a friend to help run them.

But who wants to run any more of the same dull town board quests of any current variety?

LOL’d when they added corruption portals and it showed up bugged.

Town quests probably not high up on the priority list though.

This isn’t a town board quest, it’s a town quest chain ending in this elite kill quest.

“Hey. Anyone want to help with Keeping the Faith? Have to kill Markus.”

You’ll almost always find help, unless you’re playing at 4:00 AM or your server is dead. But that’s a server problem, not an MMO game design problem.

in my opinion it’s just another case of poor design from devs who made all those nice zones pointless to visit again once you been there for some xp quests.
There should be end game items that drop from elites all over the map.

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