Town upkeep, PvE Invasions! Please read!

Guys first please if you agree post your comment and like this post so i hope someone will reply!

We have upkeep and then we have town every 4 days destroyed by invasions!

As example our town have upkeep of 35.000 - 45.000 and it is not Everfall so we hardly keep out 2 lv five arcane and outfiter + 4 lv 5 smelting, stonecutting, loom and lumbermill Up!

Every 4 days we got destroyed and lose 3 items and it is from 15.000 to 30.000 every 4 days + we need 2 up to 4 days just to get it back and then it is invasion again!

We as company have 98 people and we try to keep it up but if you don’t lower difficulty of Invasions it really dont have sense, as governor im asking people to participate but and donate for repairs, to run town quests at lv 60, but this is TOTALY wrong Invasions are too often and impossible to beat, you have to do so that

  1. more waves we resist, less is town damaged !!
  2. Reward people for actively participating in invasion
  3. When people sign for invasion let them pick role tank, healer melle dps, ranged dps, so at last we can move them in groups


    • We need to motivate people to participate and see result of defence we fight we always lose but at last we will be able to lose less if we fight good,
      2 - There is people who join to SAGOTAGE defence so they can later declare war !!! They take repair parts, mines use them on empty places to block defenders from using it !!! tHIS KID OF PEOPLE NEED TO BE kicked OUT AND GET BAN FROM INVASIONS!!
      3 - I

Invasion is so random i saw a streamer winning against 1 thorpe, while i’ve lost one against 4 thorpes and 2 spriggans… and we had 48/50 guild members so we were not unprepared.

For these and so many other reasons, all player influence needs to be removed from Settlements. Invasions should be made cross-server queue events with no real influence on Settlements.
Then every server population becomes viable and Invasion saboteurs can have limited effect. Just report them similar to AFK as they are throwing the match – like AFK’ers they are just trying to lose quickly in order to loss-farm rewards. Or griefing. Either way, reportable.

These are killing small servers, we only just got some T5 stations built and 2 days later one is lost due to an invasion. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to craft anything…

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This is the SOLE purpose that governor’s have the kick power… to remove players known to negatively affect the invasion on purpose, not to kick everyone but their own friends or company.
There is a reason that the company has 10 people allotted.

Rarely you know it in advance, i don’t want to kick people without reason but it look like it is only way to do it, if this go on i will be obligated to 40 random and get only people i trust and as i can do it only in 15 min before battle when people are already in it is really drastic and rude to kick people who wanted to fight battle and joined as game permits them to, btw if you kick someone as he is AFK in battle you will fight on without one player as it don’t pull someone in his place

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