Townboard Gold and Standing Exploit

This is valid on any world with any character. It is exceptionally easy to do and since you, in your infinite wisdom, has decided to lock gold transfers it is even more profitable, since you can put it up on the trading post for 0.01 on a 1 day period.

  1. Accept a townboard quest for any material. Say water.
  2. Get said water.
  3. Put said water in the storage.
  4. Put said water on the trading post
  5. Complete the townboard quest for water.
  6. Cancel your trading post order.
  7. Get your water back.
  8. PROFIT. Wait that’s longer than the usual 3 steps…

Now, I’m just using water in my example, but you can do this with any townboard resource quest and yes, you can in fact earn money with this as well as get standing. All for the low low price of: nothing.


@Luxendra & @Kay

Can we please have this added to the list of issues, I know it does not sound like much, but when I can travel to 11 different towns and complete the same quest asking for say 25 lumber and make a 3g profit each time that’s 33g that I shouldn’t have had for the 1-2min I spend doing it and some 2500+ standing.

Now imagine that I do this with 3 resource quests requests each time and they do end up giving a fair amount of gold so when I can run around and get say… 10g per quest and I can do roughly 3 in each town - usually the same exact ones I can gain 330g every half an hour for no effort or resources spend. Please stop this.

+1 this is a big exploit that definitely needs to be looked at. I just wanted to leave a comment to maybe bump it up a bit, seeing as there’s no actual response yet.

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