Toxic Avengers, White Knights, Dev Defenders? Where Did They Come From?

This is in response to me having to ask 3 different people in my topic to not start spewing toxic trash comments at players in the name of devs…

I don’t really care about internet randoms but I then woke up this morning to a failed false reporting campaign.

When did it become okay to harass, ask people to be falsely reported on forum/steam/NW, and just be all around toxic to people who say anything critical of NW?

I’ve even tried to report some posts for violation of CoC yet they’ve been given a greenlight by the forum mods.

Why do we have a double standard?
I’m not saying it’s right or fair that the devs have to hear people whine and moan and dunk on them 24/7, but in the same turn why is it okay to target the same behavior at people who don’t think NW is in a great play state?

Us players shouldn’t be harassed by people who are being protected by mods.
It’s becoming a v. hostile environment here if you even mention a bug or NW in a negative light.

That’s a NW problem.
Don’t take it out on other players period.
One of the forum’s main purposes is the tracking and discussion of bugs.
Another main purpose: discussing the game.

It’s a very questionable community the players, devs and mods are building here if they are willing to play favorites and only punish people who view or post about them in a negative light.

Maybe it was just the weekend and this place was the Wild West but waking up Monday morning to see openly toxic posts calling for people to be falsely reported and they are unable to be flagged for CoC just leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Cotton Eyed Joe

Not sure but I’m having a lot of fun playing new world

Not sure how either of these comments are on topic or even relevant but w/e.

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