Toxic Environment and Collusion on Yaxche is making this game unplayable

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We are having an issue where 1 mega-company is taking over the map and maxing out taxes.

This goes against every spirit of the AGS TOS that we all had to sign.

This is unacceptable behavior that needs to be dealt with by game admins.

Here are the full list of all companies that are actually the same Guild working cross faction:

They are maxing taxes as they take territory and have made is publically known that only Everfall will be the territory with sane taxes.


Yaxche was NOT THIS WAY until the Themicyra merge that occurred two days ago.

Additionally, we have evidence of the Governor of “BC WORLD TOUR” using Wireshark to fetch IP’s from in-game voice comms and then sending packet collisions to those IP’s during wars.

At what point does AGS actually hold up their Terms of Service and cut down this toxic behavior.


yo just transfer out tmrw, the trolls win cause AGS lets them. Since BC cant go to eden they staying till they own each city and kill the server.


That’s not how this game should work. There should be moderation tools in place to prevent this behavior.


Looks like quite a situation, and sorry you and others are having to deal with it, but the moderators might close or delete this thread for “naming and shaming” in the forum.

If so, you can report misconduct and rule violations in-game or here.

Whatever happens, I wish you and the good people of Yaxche the best. :sunglasses: :+1:


You can watch Full_Aggr0 vod from when they took WW, they called the whole server garbage at the end and said they were going to take all the land and max the taxes. Absolute toxic and hateful to everyone on the server for no reason. Wait to transfer cause you dont wanna end up on the server they do.

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sounds like you got skill gapped. go play another game or take the territory back. cringe PVE complaint


What is a packet collision, they didn’t go over that in my OSCP course.

Also the WW taxes are out of date.

AHAHAHA. people dont know when they are getting trolled. you say people are working with someone and they just might change the name to troll you. we wanted to work with you guys when we got merged but when the invasion guys reached out they were told ‘this is our server, you guys are visitors here.’

so thats about how our time on this server started.



lol, I am a player from the enemy faction these guys are just mad because they lost Windsward, Everfall, and Brightwood in 2 days. If you have a problem with the taxes push the Territory back… New World gave us the perms to control taxes in game why are you mad about that ? Get better in wars and fight back stop finding lame excuses and making fake rumors. xqcL + cringe.


vapok this has been happening on our server for far too long I mean… a long time good luck getting ags to do anything about it XD. honestly BC helped me quit the game for greener pastures.

The issue isnt the fact that they are taking land, they won the war and earned that land. The issue I think everyone is having is the openly toxic behavor. The constant verbal abuse from their members in chat and actively going out of their way to ruin the game as much as possible for everyone else is the issue here. A lot of them are banned from the server community discords for going in and posting inappropriate pictures, they just make the game worse for everyone around them by acting the way they do.


I wonder why PVP games always fail.


Now imagine if this was full loot as well.

How much better it would be.

Yaxche went from a fun competitive server to a toxic wasteland


And its the entire reason they changed direction in Alpha. Too many toxic players.


How bad is everyone in the server to not manage triple attack on single company ?

Or they have different war windows?



Amazon please help, this company is winning!


if this was full loot 90% of the players in those companies would get bullied

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Still would be these same guys making these post ironically
so that solves nothing here