Toxicity In Game

I have played several hundred hours on multiple high population servers on US East and I have concluded that toxicity reigns nearly free on each and every single one of them.

There has to be something that can be done by the development team such as having moderators playing the game with the player base to actively monitor said behavior along with the report system. I only say this because with the current system and the old mass report system it is too easy for players to exploit them or continue with the bad behavior. I understand that polishing the game is top priority but if the community cannot act right it will make the gaming experience for many undesirable and ultimately lead to a total collapse of new or regular players aside from the toxic ones themselves until they get bored and move onto something else to act out on.

I don’t know, it is just so discouraging to see this in nearly every single online game and I was hoping Amazon could nip it in the butt sooner than later.

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This is a “people issue” not a “dev Issue”.

Giving players powers is highly dangerous and will cause abuse, without a doubt. I have seen it so many times. No individual should volunteer and obtain any power. A collection of reports should automate a 30 minute mute, or something like that but beyond that the power should never be in the hands of unemployed individuals.

No. Not likely. the best thing to do is prevent it (with mute). This is a problem with our society as a species.

I play on EU central and while I presume I simply can’t read most toxicity, the English speakers present generally don’t suck. Comparatively, it’s one of the least toxic communities I’ve played in. But, I-- Canadian-- play on a low pop EU server almost exclusively off-peak, so my experience is bound to be tame.

I agree volunteer’s should not moderate, but take for example World of Warcraft with active GM’s who play the game along side of the community and are employed by the company running the game. I meant something more along those lines.

European and Canadian player base’s are generally less toxic than American. Take a look DayZ for example, once that game hit the Americas it felt crazy to play on any american server if you wanted to avoid the toxicity. The Community in video games are to blame at the end of the day and us americans are just a bunch of jerks to each other and everyone else.

As far as I know, generally speaking, Game masters do not load into the world anymore. They did however do so very often in the past. In fact, before i started working there i use to have a senior that did so with me! :wink:

Even in those days the old systems designers (which you guys know as class designers) use to talk to people. I think these relationships are very good, although they are often very hard on the designers having to deal with work problems outside of work (never effectively getting a break).

The last 5 years or so i have considered the creation of a new job in the industry. A designer of sorts that is purely there just to be “in” the design changes with the class designers, who is constantly talking to people.

The actual people that handle balance are often to busy to sit here and talk and converse with people about issues. These individuals are also doing other important tasks like designing the way things work in their respective games. Its a lot of work, and it is very mentally taxing, very political (in the sense of dispute about what should to something/some class).

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