Trade exploit (make unlimited amount of offers), solvent, chance to craft, invisible and camp fire

  • What is your character name in New World: TopMethod
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on:Urdarbrunn
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: 4 things (1 most important)

1. trading post, it is stuck on 91 “active buy and sell orders”, u can add or remove orders and it wont change (so you can make unlimited amount of offers ). also even if the order is completed/canceled/expired, it wont show on the "Completeted & expired.
2. removing your %2 leatherworking gear/stone cutting gear, on and off will make the “chance to craft additional items” higher u can do it none stop. (and have like 1000%+ for example)
3. cant get tier 5 camp fire. im lvl 60 faction less, camp tier 4 at the moment, i did the main story quests up to the point i need to pick a faction. (also talked with other people who did the story lane to lvl 60 and they are also tier 4.
4. what is the diffrent between using the pure solvent over the weak solvent, they dont add % to craft more, when you try to make gems? and if it does work, why it doesn’t show more % like when you use higher tier on wood/smelting and the rest?
5. using the stonecutter’s shirt makes the part between ur shoulders and where the gloves start invisible.

  • Is this a bug or an exploit:

1. exploit+bug
2. probbly just a bug, unless there is a way to exploit that. (from what i checked. it seems likes its more a visuol bug than an exploit, but maybe it does help you get a better chance up to a cap you guys made)
3. bug/me missing something
4. bug/me missing something
5. bug

  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay:

1. i just found about it. I am mostly a trader so it would be nice to have more than 100 trade offers considering the 10k, 500, 100 new cap (that made me drop over 100k+ of items and lost alot of money becuase of that becuase I had to to get storage space) but it also doesnt tell you when and where your trade is complete/expired so you dont know what you need to replace. (I read that you guys are fixing the bug that made me lose alot of items and money when I was offline that will be great!)
2. if you play for long period of times u will change your gear alot and the % will go higher without you knowing about the bug ( i found out by mistake), and it will make you buy items on an expansive price, because you think you have an high % craft and can get a profit just to see its a fake % and lose alot. (but good thing its fake or the eco would have been ruined)
3. spent time trying to figure whats wrong by reading guides and watching videos, but so far cant get the answer. and as alot of the stations are low tier, you need to teleport so you lose azoth+time+town taxes)
4. payed more for the expensive verison and im not sure what is the benfit at the moment.
5. cosmetic

  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue:

1. its an exploit/bug need your help.
2. always logging off to see the real number before crafting leather/stone cutting
3. not yet
4. not yet
5. taking the shirt off

  1. Already reported, and yeah they claim to be patching it tomorrow morning/tonight with the server restarts!
  2. Just a visual bug, really doesn’t matter; super lower tier
  3. Perhaps picking a faction will resolve that issue…?
  4. Pretty sure this is a bug, our jewel crafter also noticed this and we just convert all the pure solvent now.

added another bug
about what you said on the second point, the +% is on all the tiers and could make some people to lose money.
about the camp fire, I checked the rewards on (k) the only one you need main story lane for to get an upgrade is the lvl 5. and im pretty sure its before you need to pick the faction quest
also asked on “help” chat in my server and 2 more people told me they are having the same problem, and they did the story lane and to lvl 60+ joined a faction. but I might be missing something.

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