Trade Log, unsure about gold recieved

would be nice if we got a log of traded items / timestamped even

often i get asked to craft something and rarely get tipped, but when i ask if i could get a tip (for raising a skill to 200 it wasn’t cheap…) they say they gave me XXX gold… but i couldn’t tell if they did… i surely didn’t see it in the trade window.

it might have to be that the “confirm” button needs to be pressed before gold goes into the “trade” and they don’t do that step, if we cant get a log at least make it so if anything besides 0.00 gold in the “gold traded area” causes a popup for the party trying to give gold saying they haven’t confirmed gold into the trade ? spread the annoying confirm button on the giver at least…

or just make a log so we can confirm what was traded…


Yes, log is needed


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