Trade Post Attribute Filtering

The trading post filters should allow for showing only selected items with selected attributes. If I search for Strength/Dexterity, I should only find the affixes: Soldier, Ranger, Fighter or Cavalier. Not Monk, Barbarian, Spellsword, Duelist, Assassin, Brigand etc (have strength/dexterity as the primary attribute and some other unwanted attribute).

This would allow for easier set buying since, realistically I and many other players have no need for a secondary attribute that contributes nothing to my chosen build or even the attributes for my chosen weapon combination. Ultimately this would make quite the quality of life change and would save much time when buying a set.

In addition to this, I also think that filtering tiers of items should be applicable to filtering other items. You should be able to sort by lowest to highest tier while also filtering by lowest to highest price.

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Just add these to the perk selection, not the best but still better then nothing.

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