Trade Post is very broken

Market has a number of bugs that are hell’a annoying to deal with.

  1. When filling buy order says insufficient items even when items are in town shred

  2. When placing sale order sometimes says insufficient items even when items are in town shed

  3. When trying to buy items sometimes says incorrect location even when markets should be linked.

Had we known the market was going to be this broken I wouldn’t of been pushing for linked markets.

I could be wrong - but I don’t believe you can fill a buy order in a territory controlled by a different faction.

I have tried to fill buy orders that were green controlled and I am yellow. Wouldn’t let me fill it. So I clicked on the next one controlled by yellow and it worked. Not sure why the message says insufficient items.

Doesn’t make sense if it does that in placing the order tho. Then again with the bugs this game has at times, it could be possible.

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