Trade post issues

Others have issues with the Tradepost. Where it just times out and you cant put Items on the trading post?

They disabled it.

This information is here: [Notice] Temporarily Disabling All Forms of Wealth Transfers

Make sure to check the Official News section to stay up to date!

While your at it, look into the steam family account sharing to create multiple accounts.


Ohh, thanks. Was ingame did not see it :slight_smile:
But I love it! And I hope, they all are getting what are coming to them :slight_smile:

It is fine but also disable house tax too please. No gold income no chance to pay the tax.


Trade post is broke again fs,getting message request throttled please try again.this game is really starting to get on my nerves.

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Any reason why???

sounds like it should be, said all coin transfer has been halted. or maybe you just wont be able to pay it, and be stuck with no house.

wouldnt that be a hoot

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'This information is here: [Notice] Temporarily Disabling All Forms of Wealth Transfers

Make sure to check the Official News section to stay up to date!’


So! can you give us any indication of;

How long is this going to take to fix?

What will be the nature of the fix - crucially will there be any kind of roll back or wipe?

If there is a roll back - how far will it go? How many levels of character progress could we lose?

Why should we even play the game when we cannot do simple trades or may face roll back [we just do not know]?

I’m asking as a honest non cheating player. The only person I would cheat if I cheated is myself.

AGS is very close to breaking the back of that poor camel. Seems we are not far from that last straw.

EDIT: BTW the forum seems to think I have an outstanding draft and this is stopping me creating a new thread and stops quoting other users - hence the format of this post. If I try to cancel or delete the draft nothing happens - but I can get back to original thread / page.


So then why are they allowing quests to be run? Thats wealth transfer from the game to person.

To me it sounds like they found an exploit and are trying to figure out how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Depends on what they figure out, hoping they fix the trade dupe, player dupe and the dupe of items via intraction of the trade house and town board.

Could take a bit if they start digging into this one lol.

Will you turn off taxes on Houses, or how are we going to make gold to pay rent?

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I second OldgriM.

While you’re at it you should also disable taxes. If we cannot make money outside of quests why should be be expected to pay out money? I currently make most of my money off the trading post.

It’s not just houses. You can’t pay Territory Tax either. I’d prefer to keep the lights on in my Territory.

I see you’ve enabled the iron man feature

You have three daily faction 10x coin quests

That should be 400-700 coin per day (PvE-wise) at least.

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