Trade Runs (Suggestion)

Idea I saw on reddit (credit to u/Top_Mulberry_3851):

Essentially, the idea is that you can take resources of some kind and create a package tagged to this city. This package would be dropped when you fast travel. You can also create a variation of this package that would be lost when you’re not flagged for PvP outside of the city.

If you go to another city, there would be an NPC that you can give this package to for compensation in gold, the amount depending on where you came from and where you’re trading it to. PvP-only packages would provide significantly higher compensation.

I saw this idea and thought it was so great that I had to share it here. It effectively provides a way to make more gold to invigorate the economy, PvP content for both companies that want to be bandits hunting runners or companies that want to be traders that combat bandits or avoid them. Solo or small-party players can also have fun exploring less-travelled routes to avoid routes that larger companies might attempt to camp.

Meanwhile, if you’re not into PvP, you can still run albeit for less profit, whether to try out new routes at less risk or just to enjoy travelling the map.

This is without getting into the economic intrigue potential of cities possibly putting taxes on imports/exports.

What do ya’ll think?

Edit: A thought I’m having is that the bandits clearly have the better end of the deal, with a low-risk/high-reward structure compared to the runner’s high-risk/high-reward. A bandit only has to beat one runner to be rewarded, more likely than not, and a runner may have to beat numerous bandits on the same run to be rewarded.

An idea I’d like people to consider is (per @notsure 's comment inspired by Silkroad Online) that runners have a pack that prevents abilities but can be dropped while in combat. My thought is that perhaps this pack drops down some AoE buff for the runner, like +20% damage and armor. This isn’t to dissuade people from being bandits or make being a runner an easy task, it’s just so that bandits can’t just thoughtlessly attack traders with little risk and expect even or advantageous odds.

In essence, bandits can’t expect to win by being as good as the runner, they have to be better by enough of a margin to overcome this difference (or have friends :man_shrugging:).




Did you get that idea from Mabinogi? looks very similar

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Dunno who that is, I got it from Mullberry’s reddit post. I think it’s ArcheAge inspired?


as dondagora said, i was inspired by archeage but that game mechanic is something known on a lot of games


oh, i didn’t play ArcheAge, but Mabinogi (nexon game) has a very similar system if you take pvp out of the idea. I read it and it crossed my mind. I like it

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Oh! It’s a game, lmao. Makes sense.

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Would be fun asf, would let me reminisce of my old archeage trade run days.


obviously amazon has it own idea of the game and probabily will conflict with some aspects of the suggestion… but the important thing is we have something to valorize open world pvp giving a real meaning to fight another player other then just seeing somebody else flagged.

For those who played archeage, probabily will remember all that adrenaline combined with fascination to that beautiful world. Nature sounds and tranquility became adrenaline and fear in a seccond.

I used to spend hours on safe routes enjoying the enviroment… i can imagine how awesome that would be considering new world’s graphics and sounds.


This sounds like a fun idea. When you kill the player with the package, would the package drop for the attacker? More open world pvp incentives would be awesome.


I would say yes, thus incentivizing banditry without empowering it. You can gank someone and take their package, but you then run the risk of being ganked yourself for the package.

I’d look forward to companies focusing on banditry or trade running.


What prevents people from just stacking as zergs and doing these runs back and forth just like how people deal with pvp missions ?

There needs to be a way to make the routes random so that people don’t stack.

So in order to make money you want people to mindlessly run from city to city instead of actually playing the game?

How about increasing gold drop rate on mobs while flagged for pvp instead of the hilariously useless 10% exp bonus.

If monsters always dropped gold while pvp flagged everyone would be doing it more… also 1000000x easier to implement than your system.


Nothing would explicitly prevent this atm. I see your point, but I’d also be interested to see what happens if we don’t. For instance, if a company decides they’ll zerg run a route, what happens when another company decides that they’ll ambush the zerg on the way to steal the packages? At the very least, it might be risky to be too braindead with it.

Otherwise, maybe diminishing returns on running the same route within a certain timespan, putting a limit on how profitable repeating the same route can be.

every pack you deliver from point A to B loses its value the next time you do that route. If 10 people do the same route, the last one is probabily getting half of the gold from the first one.

In archeage after some minutes or hours, the prices started to go up again. Maybe thats a little thing to difficult (not prevent) zergs


I was just thinking about this which is similar to the Archeage trade mechanic where you grow shizz in your land plot and turn them into various trade goods at trade vendors in town who also purchase them. The further you travel the more money they are worth, with trade vendors in pvp zones being the most lucrative. They at least had trade transport that you upgrade to, to allow more to be delivered.

This also present opportunities for pvp raiding in pvp enabled areas. Defeat the trade carrier (and his gang) and then you go cash in their goods for a small fortune.

Yes please

Love it!

Great Idea!

Arche Age has a few cool features that should be considered.

This one or the carts driving from city to city.

I also would like to see territories in peace and war state. (Could work here if conflicted for example)