Tradepost filters are terrible

Trying to find the weapon perk and attribute that you want on a specific weight class of armour can be a real pain in the rear end.

  • Vague attribute category names such as artificer, cavalier or brigand.
  • Three different buttons for each category ie Artificer Sword/Shield, Armour and Main hand
  • Zero grouping of perk types such per weapon type, armour, ring
  • Unclear which perks are mutually exclusive
  • Unclear which perks belong to what piece of jewellery, but you can for example select nimble and hearty
  • Lack of “Or” filters for attributes. If I can’t find a const piece I may be willing to select a strength piece. Usually in the process I have a fit because I’ve selected Scholar or Spellsword Armor Attribute and the menu resets to the top scrolled position.
  • Lack of “and not” filter. There’s some trash abilities I will never want that are useless.
  • Can’t filter armour by weight (heavy, medium, light) meaning you have to manually click through each piece (head, chest, etc) if I for example want to find any heavy armour piece with resilient and sundering shockwave.
  • Lack of integration with crafting stations - If I want to do some crafting I usually have to run back and forth because I am trying to remember that for 100 Infused Leather I need to buy (800 - inv amount) Ironhide and also (200 - inv amount) Layered Leather. That’s just for simple refining.
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Same for crafting. Finding the perk you want is a pain.
Especially as crafting fails with a high percentage of times and then you do it again. And again. And again.

Those are linked to an attribute(s) like dex, str/int, con. Once you figure out the code, its not too bad. But a way to search for it would be great

Pin the recipe to your quest list and you have it.

I agree. We need better searching in TP.

Not looking for coping strategies btw.

Yes obviously they are linked to an attribute. Guess what’s easier than figuring out a code? Not having an arbitrary and vague name and just stating “STR/INT Attribute” on the button and then grouping all these button types together.

This only shows for a single craft. It does not help with wanting to craft 100 items of which you partially have some of the ingredients and need to buy the rest.

if u gey to the specific item, u would only see the perks thats only suitable for this slot. for example just on onyx ring then on perks, u will only see rings perks

Thanks, I suppose :upside_down_face:.

Wasnt giving you any. Just sharing what i have learned. But ill stop sharing with you.

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only found out about this like last week. its annoying that you must know the exact suffix to find it. it should of been a 3rd search tab for attributes. or at the least if its going to be one tab, group the relevant things together for easier searching.

at the top would be attributes

after weapons perks (grouped by weapons)
then generic perks
then utility perks



Yeah, i finally put it together not long ago myself becuse i was looking for specific attributes like what i had already. Big "DOH! moment for me.

A wildcard search like *sentry would be great!

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