Trading Chat Channel

This would stop Global chat from being blown up with WTS/WTB offers. And it would keep things more clean. If people aren’t interested in buying anything, they can disable the Trade Chat. Preventing it from blowing up their screen all the time.

I suggest making the chat a green color.


it is truly shocking it isnt in the game to begin with.

AND after adding the channel do it like Warframe? I think it was. If you WTT, WTS, WTB in the wrong channel it mutes you and deletes the message before it bothers anyone.


AGS surely wants us to pay 1000gold of tax when placing every endgame items we have in the auction house :smiley:

The 2 things that can happen are :

  • They release a trade channel and AH economy might shift a lot
  • They decide to cut the possibility to sell on the General channel and welcome to taxland

just keep spamming general. if enough people complain maybe theyll add one.

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Great idea!

And this too…

While it makes sense to have a separate trade channel I have found in other MMOs that the spammers will continue to use whichever channel they think the most people are reading.
Still cannot hurt to have them try a trade channel (although I do get the argument they want people to use trading posts for tax purposes)

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