***** trading down again ***** ! ? ! ? !?

First off I am really happy that IF there is an issue with people cheating that it be looked into , fixed and the people that were cheating taken care of . I know it takes time and is not an instant fix .

Since the post here states once again " WEALTH TRANSFER "

Can this be ALL types ??? Even a Company using the WEALTH generated to pay for the Upkeep of their Territories ? Also the Taxes players have to pay in Property tax which is also another type of WEALTH transfer …

Turning off Trading on all Server which is already bad enough for the ENTIRE community of New World as a whole is already bad enough . That Hundreds of Thousands of players have to penalized is ridiculous .

If there is actual Proof that specific players from specific servers are doing this turn their Trading off . But Turn off the Upkeep and Taxes for that server as well . NOT ALL PLAYERS ARE CHEATERS .

The Tax income that Territory owners earn can make a break a weekly upkeep payment .

Many players make a decent living by Trade . Not everyone PVP’s or does quest all the time . Some people craft and Farm which brings in income for their Property tax as well .

So Turning off Trading should effect all aspects of Wealth not just certain ones .

Remember if you have Cheat you arent really that good of a Player anyways


New World Devs love that “possible” word. Seems enough to shut everything down though, huh? I wonder why numbers drop week after week…I just cannot put my finger on the problem… ;p


I wish that when you disable trading that you would freeze the time on the market, last time I put stuff for sale and then hours later they froze trades and when they turned trades back on listings were expired and I had to pay the listing fees again to relist.


Also incredibly annoyed that my partner and I can’t trade. Even though we’re in a company together, in a group together, and physically sitting next to each other, playing on the same damn internet connection.

Naturally, a high level life staff drops – in her inventory as a STR+CON tank. It’s like a +75GS bump for me, her healer, and because AGS is apparently incompetent and heavy-handed, I can’t have it.

Amazon dealing with a couple of dupers

So so so so sofa king good

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I see what you did there lol :slight_smile:

another great idea , i never even thought of this

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