Trading Houses are going to be linked (Official Source inside)

I don’t agree with this, and I don’t like it. I actually enjoyed the fact that Ammo and Sugar in Brightwood was 2 Gold a piece and down in Windsward it was .17c, but skins and venison were 1 gold and .10c in Brightwood and 2 gold and .30 in Windsward. I was enjoying playing the market game.

Yeah, not a fan.


Sauce: [Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues


It’s a natural result of the reduced playerbase for many servers. If you have to burn hundreds of azoth to just buy materials at one place, you’re loaded up which makes the azoth cost even higher. Say you buy a shitload of stuff in Everfall, then have to travel to Monarchs for the crafting tier you need, but then you get the best price in Mourningdale, only MB is under your faction though, so you burn all of your Azoth just trying to buy and sell your shit, which gives only a 300G return anyways because prices are so low.

The exchange for azoth vials on Celadon is about 150g-200g in most places. That means 50 Azoth is worth about 175g. If you are fully laden, you burn like 500 or more Azoth just to make less money because of gas prices.


Or, you could just play outpost rush for an hour- top off your Azoth.
Or, you could just go participate in one of the pve portal trains for an hour- top off your Azoth.
Or, you could just go kill sailors in restless shore for an hour- top off your Azoth.
Or, you could just gather with Azoth extraction tools for an hour- top off your Azoth.

So sick of hearing all these complaints about Azoth. I’ve played this entire game with 500-800 weight on me at all times, has never once slowed me down. You actually get a surprising amount of Azoth when you leave the towns and play the game. Linked trading posts will pretty much devastate the game’s future economic prospects for players who enjoy crafting and disbursing. A player should not be rewarded a cheap alternative because they forgot to pick something up in town.


I agree with this 100%. Terrible update.


Good update. Really love the idea that the trade posts are linked. Makes life easier.


At the very least if they do go forward with this change they need to update the UI to display post tax cost. I dont want to open my map everytime I’m about to buy something to check the regional tax rate.


I like the idea of trading posts that aren’t linked but with how the game is designed it just didn’t work.


I am in favor of the change.

At least this gives us some leverage on handing over more gold to all the exploiters that unfairly took settlements from legitimate companies allowing us to build up other territories until the exploits are fixed and we can take back control from the exploiters…

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Dont worry they will just remove that with every other fucking aspect of trading. diablow style.

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Where did you find this information?

i am also not a fan. A lot of market playing folks will see a huge aspect of their planning and playstyle changed.


Where was this screenshot taken from? link to the thread please.

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Im waiting for the sauce as well!

I do respect your thoughts here, I do not totally hate the centralization of the Marketplace, although I would have preferred a more centralized banking system then that of the Trading Post.

While I see where you are coming from I personally like that change.


There are 59 levels prior to 60 though. This “just play outpost rush” stuff only serves endgamers.


I love this change. Burning precious Azoth to travel across the map for goods is absolutely ridiculous.


I think global storage and local trading would have been better.


Hey all! I mentioned this in a different thread related to this topic but we’re keeping track of all of the feedback regarding this change.