Trading Houses are going to be linked (Official Source inside)

Communism the idea is a beautiful thing where everyone lives a dignified life.

The reality is humans are driven by self-interest and communism breaks down like that. It’s a pipe dream that assumes a better species than us.

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always will be ghost towns, once you clear the content of a zone you have no reason to go back. Also you cant create alt characters on servers so their will never really be a consistent low level characters going through the low level zones providing them any type of tax.

Just because you cleared the content of a region doesnt mean there’s no reason to go back. People will go back to previous regions for farming and, whenever they decide to finally add them, world bosses

The fact that each settlement has it’s own independent trading post only makes things worse. So, when people are farming in X region, they’re not going to go to the nearest settlement to sell, they’re going to go to the most popular settlement

I don’t agree with the tone but I agree with the point. :laughing:

Stager Fix = Remove or tweak chaining

Cowards… I mean tactical players using sprints to escape fights is frustrating? (Still happens without sprint btw) Fix = Eat a bulk of stamina transitioning from combat to sprint

Everyone holding their crotches at Everall Trading post? FIX = Make crafting station tiers (or the stations entirely) specific to certain settlements. People will naturally move materials from cheap markets and charge for convenience.

My ideas aren’t meant to be the ultimate ones. They’re simply less cheesy than what has been done in my opinion.

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I’m not trolling, if I was, I would have put minimal effort into what I wrote. I definitely thought it through very carefully. It sounds to me like the RNG gods have been far more friendly to you than myself - which opens up the glaring problem with your approximation of azoth farming. RNG can be kind, or it can be a spiteful b*tch and I’m sure we can both agree with that.

My server is Olympus and we are not lacking in any area, but what I’m considering are other people and other people’s servers, not just my own experience - you could take a page from that level of empathy.

I also understand that you said “top-off”. No one needs to be told how to “top off” their azoth. That’s completely inconsequential. What they need is a consistent, reliable source of azoth that takes a reasonable amount of time to farm. Not a bunch of disingenuous hearsay that is sometimes true, but not always.

You’re so biased and so dialed into your own opinion - and yes, it is an opinion - that you aren’t even open to the idea of other people’s input. It’s clear you’re incapable of a conversation, so it’s probably better if we just agree to disagree and you carry on smashing your head into a wall - because that’s the extent of what you’re doing by carrying on like this in the forums. Good luck to you.

Yea, really constructive. Keep raging.

I mean, giving different towns and regions perks would go a long way

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Big one if you gather or craft is to have a house in a town that activates buffs regularly.

This makes it so there is no point in traveling at all.

Instead of gathering plentiful resources in one zone and selling high in another, you can just get everything anywhere.

This will not be good.


You have to travel to certain locations if you’re wanting to craft high tier items. But yes if someone wanted to permanently camp in Ebonscale and just sell/buy whatever they needed they could.

Why would you though? Prices will be marked down to 0.01. Just buy them, then run a few rounds of Outpost rush, easy gold etc.

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Sad reality is that it is the wet dream of every publisher. At the beginning make an original, deep mechanics game that will attract enthsiasts. Take money from them. Then slowly transform the game into generic stuff to attract the others. Then take money from them too while at the same time laugh at your original playerbase as they leave in disgust. I’ve seen it too many times.

Inb4: linking all storages between towns because players found it boring to travel around.


I dont see how running from town to town and spending Azoth is “deep” mechanics, but OK.


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No such thing. All trading is in Everfall, maybe a little in Windsward.

I posted this on the other post. Rather than unique, make them make choices. This would deepen gameplay I think.

If you want traffic to move around and spread, rather than remove the necessity of travelling you should increase it.


Another unpolished suggestion:

A much simpler option is make it so a town can only have one T5 station for refinement and one for Crafting.

This would actually deepen the game and give an extra lever to companies to manage their territory. Would reduce upkeep and upgrade costs all around as well.

They can be opt to contest a profitable duplicate or choose a unique one no one else has. If they want a duplicate they can compete with the other towns on taxation for refining, crafting and trading fees.

This would for sure move crafting and refinement traffic, and likely consequently, trading for these resources. And would also probably spread housing tax more. Maintaining the spirit of the globally local market.

More importantly, it would make the player have to make more meaningful choices in allocation instead of dumbing it down to the core.

But even this solution, would need to be given time to reach an equilibrium. This would be pseudo monopolies would probably start by raising housing tax, which would increase the scarcity of their good for trade, opening way to competitors or, bringing scarcity of said resource up to the point where the housing tax would actually be profitable for the crafter. On the flipside, raising property tax to predate on this would open the way for other territories to outcompete for that crafting station which is now theoretically very profitable and appealing.

We would only need a way to “sell” back a house and recoup something to keep pace with the dynamism.

Infinitely dynamic and never stale.


Housing issue could be solved by a measure of how much action do you do on that territory. Something like standing but for houses, where you slowly fill a bar that gives some money back on sale time. This way there is also incentive to keep settling and keep activity up to recoup the price on a house upon eventual sale.

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As a non economist let me explain:

80% (I’m being generous here, it’s probably closer to 90%) of all transactions happen in Everfall or Windsward.

That’s means 80% of the undercutting and deflation is already happening right now.

The 20% of sales from other areas are mostly by flippers or people who only harvest to sell at the lower volume higher prices and those higher prices are paid by the 20% who are too lazy to travel for lower prices or unaware (noobs) that prices are lower elsewhere.

After trading posts are linked you add in the 20% customers who were paying the higher prices and now don’t have to. They may actually buy more now that they are exposed to lower prices.

The 20% of higher priced product that was purchased prior will be equalized into the market but so were the customers.

If people were specifically gathering only because of selling for the higher outlying price, and they stop their gathering because unwilling to do the work of gathering for the lower (Everfall) prices they won’t be contributing to the goods market anymore, but the customers will still be around and part of the linked in market.

Whatever the numbers are the day before linking, a server will have the same number of customers and gatherers after.

*statistics made up for purposes of illustration. Your server may vary

Side note: After the linking towns will have to compete for lowest taxes and fees to try to become the new sales “hub”, rather than just jacking up taxes and fees in the 2 most popular cities because everyone had to go there to get deals.

Having upgraded crafting stations will be a draw too, of course.

I’m looking forward to the convenience of just listing and buying from wherever I am rather than dragging full inventories around, but if taxes and fees and stations become really good and it looks to be ongoing, I’d move.

I literally made my account right now to say, this would literally ruin economy part of the game, There is a decent sized player base that thrive off the idea of moving products around.

The real focus from the powers that be should be merging servers to increase player population. This would literally solve a lot of problems

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Finally someone woth some senses. The only one crying on the forum qre those 20% high seller that you spoke off.

I’m so happy that o cqn move my house from Everfall to Ebonscale soon. Offcourse everfall as better craft tables. Bu that’s for now, soon with people like me moving out the other towns will grow too. And if governors of said city aren’t stupid they can get a loooot from this linked trading post change.

You’re wrong. Roflmao! You sound like every ridiculous troll on the forums. Whining. Overgeneralizing. Supporting the decontruction of the game into a generic, cookie-cutter, feature list. Good luck with your boring lazy-ass game system which is just like every other mmo’s boring global market.

funny… Lots of actual players in our company & on our server, including myself, do this very thing, and make money doing it…so maybe it is ACTUALLY IMPORTANT! Maybe your lame generalizations aren’t actually fact like you pass them off to be.

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