Trading Houses are going to be linked (Official Source inside)

I really, really like the fact they are all connected, makes it so every town now has more of a purpose. Thank you!


I would be ok with linking the trading houses because eventually the game will be much bigger… BUT…,

I would only link them regionally!

Combining 2-4 areas together would make it much better for people but also allow playing the market and a sense of a real game world.

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You might not be a fan, but seeing only like 3 towns having actual upgraded crafting stations suck. We own RS and have been using our own money constantly to keep just 1 thing to T5 and the rest at T2 and T3. With this we can be able to not bleed ourselves dry.


Great update, especially with the costs of respeccing nerfed as well. It turns out that markets working across towns in literally every other mmo is probably for a good reason.


Something to consider is adding a surcharge, of say 5-10% for items purchased from other towns.


As someone who is in a company that owns territory on the outlying reaches, please do this. We are broke spending our money to upgrade the town. I guarantee the majority against this idea are not a part of a company getting bled dry spending our money.


Thank you ! FINALLY it’s a GREAT change.

It really starts to boring me as hell and pushing me to leave the game but I’m happy to being understanding and patient. :slight_smile:

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awesome ! now holding territories has a much bigger value and houses outside everfall are worth buying. Great great great update ! and for those who disagree yall not looking at the bigger picture.


The problem this is meant to address is an opportunity to introduce new mechanics that improve meaningful gameplay. The proposed change doesn’t do that.

This just just makes life easier for most and creates more war opportunities for others while diluting meaningful interactions with the market for many.


Really not a fan of this change. Maybe they could allow markets to be linked but have a 25% markup if you’re not at the town where the resources are located instead?

One of the ways I’ve made gold in this game is buying material in one location where resources are plentiful (fiber in Windsward for example) and schlepping it to another region (like Cutlass Keys) for a markup. The weight system ensures this isn’t an easy “get rich quick” scheme and is a time cost for gold investment just like many other things in the game.

I appreciated getting to play the “Merchant” in this way, carefully choosing where I went to buy and sell my goods. I know if I sell my Starmetal tools in Windsward, they’ll sell quickly at 190 gold (undercutting the market), but I can also sell them for 250 or 300g in Brightwood, just a bit more slowly.

I think the devs missed the mark on this one, and while I appreciate that we’ll actually be able to make a purchase in Reekwater or the non-city zones now, I think allowing those purchases at a 25% markup (or more) would still leave room for anyone who wanted to put the time and effort into schlepping resources between regions.

I also feel like it’s too early to make these changes due to the player base being very young still. Sure in the high level zones I can’t buy anything now, but as more of the player base shifts to level 60, activity in those higher level zones is going to change as well, and people will be more incentivized to list things on the trading house in those regions.

This is the first fundamental change they’ve made that I feel genuinely hurt by. I don’t think it’s going to ruin the game, but it does take away one of the things that made me love its uniqueness, and I think it’s something that should have been given more time, given the player base is still young.

That’s my 2 cents if any devs happen to come along.


Finally. Hate the inconvenience to be moving around to buy something.

Give us global banking, please. Not linked trade houses.

If this were a PVP game, with something to lose while transporting materials I could see the regional banking mechanic. The way it is now, it makes no sense.

I am against this change and I am not part of a company.

I’m against this change because it’s a bandaid that won’t really fix your situation.


I’m undecided on the subject of whether they should be linked or not. But one thing I do wonder is this; what is to motivate us to buy houses now?

I don’t know what motivates everyone else, but for me it was having a few houses spread out to save on these travel costs. E.g. having a house in a city that normally has the high tier stations I need, having a house where I most of the time could buy the materials I need cheaply, having a house close to my farm spots.


Great change if implemented correctly. Right now it costs Azoth and time to get something from another city. Those costs need to be replaced with other costs, like coin.

Really, this should be an excellent cross promotional item for Amazon. Target the logistics to work like You could go to the local store or There are times to do both.

Plus AGS could sell a stylized ‘Amazon Prime’ decoration for your home to reduce the fees. :slight_smile:

I hate this change. Once all the TPs are linked there will be no price variation anywhere. I liked having the choice to travel to save .20/item on something I needed.

This may also mess up companies who spend the time and money to have a great settlement where people want to make a base for crafting , storage, trading and stuff. Who gets the fees from the transactions?


The best town on the map in my previous server was MD, I want you to think about that… Mourningdale, all the way at the top right of the map. You know why it was the best town? Best taxes. Everyone and their mother wanted to have a house there because it was the cheapest on the server. t5 outfitting, t5 cooking, t5 arcana.

What I’m getting at, is if you make your town marketable- people will come. If you try to abuse taxes, people will leave. My current server, Weavers fen is actually the central hub. t5 cooking, t5 outfitting, and t5 arcana because of the oil and boars being close by.

This is a LAZY change, this change will not help your town. If markets get tied in, then people will still just buy from the other towns. It’s not suddenly going to make your town “convenient”.


This is a big big mistake. They may as well remove the towns other then Everfall and Windsward.


I was gonna call this international tax

The problem is pretty soon places like Cutless Keys, Restless Shore, Ebon Scale, First Light, Mourning Dale, Monarch’s Bluff will be essentially dead as a trading post. People will have leveled past those zones and other then a few crafters that have set it up for their home base you wont have the market to continue earning profits like you have been. The server I am on now the only TP’s that are even used anymore are Everfall, Windsward, and some Brightwood.