Trading Houses are going to be linked (Official Source inside)

I personally like this for the reason the dev gave. It will also reduce reliance on azoth to buy things and also take some tedium out of running if azoth is running low.

It might put a few noses out of joint, but in the long run I think it will help stop people congregating at the two top settlements while the others sit stagnating.

I’m for the change.

I feel like the major problem is underpopulated servers, and not the actual trade post.

If they could figure out a way to merge the small servers and increase the cap on the larger ones it would go a long way.

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Yep… AGS please do not go through with this. You’ve cut down on the interesting parts of the game enough, this will only make the game more boring and certainly won’t do what you say you hope it does…


As a trader i really enjoyed going between cities and play with value in which territory, so i can agree, we’ll loosee some of the income.

BUT… this change is great! This will be ot of easier to get stuff in wvery city. From one side that was so annoying that u have everything in once city, then was invasion, no paid upkeep and ur workshop went down from t5 to t3, so u had to go to other city to craft something, but u forgot to bring ur ingots or whatever, rn u are going back and back again for 30 mins, or buying it in market for 3x price, that was so bad.

But from what im happy and why this change is important is that finally u can buy stuff in every city and every city will be able to generate any income, not just everfall will reciving money, cos everyone is selling and buying there. Think a little bit about smaller cities!

As for me its good move AGS!

Please do not move forward with merging the trading posts. They actually need to be fixed in the other direction.

Right now trading post is being abused as a nearly unlimited and cheap GLOBAL storage. Please fix the mistake of canceling an order always puts it in your inventory. If you are not in the town where it was listed, it should go to that towns storage. This exploit makes houses and storage chests worth way less than they should be.

Figure out another solution. Maybe put less emphasis on trading tax for town upkeep, or share trading tax between all towns controlled by the same faction. But don’t gut another major feature of a game that is supposed to be about conquest.


I like the idea of having all the factions auction houses linked. It makes sense in game. why would the faction houses between enemies be linked? I also feel like it is a nice middle ground which would still give a motivated person a chance to play the market between factions.


Terrible idea. Defeats the entire purpose of the original design.

I’m not level 60 yet, I do not play the market; but I do know how these things tend to work out.

Why not just get rid of Azoth as a travel mechanic?
Or get rid of the travel cool downs for binded locations (Hotel, Houses)?

Doing this will ensure only 1 thing, the base price of everything that you can pick up quickly, will go to 0.01.

You might as well just add all herb spawns to every area.

The reason for the price differences is that there are people willing to spend either their time or their Azoth traveling to bring high need items to regions that do not organically have those resources.

““But muh Company can’t afford to maintain our city!””. You should have thought about your ability to provide long term maintenance before you took the city.


See, I could get down with that.

Or have faction linking as an upgrade for towns.

The problem lies in just auto linking everything. Market efficiency is generally bad.
(in videogames)

An efficient market is characterized by a perfect, complete, costless, and instant transmission of information. Asset prices in an efficient market fully reflect all information available to market participants. As a result, it is impossible to forecast and make money by trading assets in an efficient market.

Money is made with inefficiencies, from the big traders to the small dude selling his wood to buy orders.

No this wont ruin anything, it will do nothing but help, all those towns NOBODY goes to or uses because everfall on every single server is where you buy and sell will get used, people can put houses and craft in towns THEY LIKE rather than being forced into everfall, the only ones angry are the ones that own everfall, start thinking with the mushy thing inside your skull instead of “feelings”

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-Someone says it before, you guys are missing such a good chance to implement an amazon type of service in game. Order your items from other market and get them delivered for a small fee and within 24h directly to your house.

-Also, it would so awesome that player could transfer products from city to city trough a quests in PVP flag only and get awesome rewards.

-You could also merge some trading post, get 3-4 trading post max. I think merging everything will remove interesting options for gameplay out of the table.

So how you gonna get tax money for the people who own any town outside of everfall? please tell me how you will fix that issue with your little delivery boy scheme

No, this is the problem. Convenience shouldn’t be free, or cheap. It’s a premium.


Interesting take. My server Windsward is the Hot town, with Brightwood taking 2nd and EF 3rd. Someone else in this thread, Mourningdale is the main town on their server.

This is truly a case of “thinking you get options” when in reality it just doubles down on the Everfall problem that you’ve lined up.

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Great change and this is how it should’ve worked from the start. Now we don’t end up with ghost towns.


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