Trading post and trade player to player still disabled again after downtime

Dear AGS after downtime trading post and trade player to player still disabled again? how long again we waiting for this problem more than 24 hours we’ve been waiting ? why do downtime if it can’t solve the problem? omg you need all player leave your game ??

This is intentional. They are working to ensure all uesrs who did the exploit were banned and the items were removed. It should be enabled shortly.

Hey @DoNice

Thank you for bringing this topic and thank you @JakeL for providing always correct information!

It was intended to keep the trading post locked after the downtime: [Downtime] December 8th, 2022. I totally understand this is important feature in the game and really appreciate you patience on this situation since we all want clean trading post.

Best wishes Adventurer!

please AGS solve this problem ASAP . You also know that trading post matters are important . games without trading posts die quickly always . ty so much for your respon

i really love that my items that i spent thousands on to list are just sitting up there expiring with no hope of a reactivation. also would be nice to be able to buy gems foods etc to try the new mutator… not everyone plans out stock piling every single item. maybe we should start. stupid.

there is no clarity about when this problem can be resolved . they only give hanging answers . maybe this time for this game going dead . idk why so long for clear one problem

Trading Post and Trading is still Disabled.

Can you please release an update with a more accurate response?

I doubt players will be very interested in another response stating it’ll be up again in “next several hours” which was said 13 hours ago now.

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We have provided a formal update on the latest status of the trading post/player-to-player trading. Please check the Announcement section of the forums for official updates, or the Dev Tracker. :slight_smile:

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I have read that.

Please read my above comment.

“Can you please release an update with a more accurate response?” i.e Time Frame.

At this point with trading & TP usage being disabled for 2 days. Nobody is interested in vague responses.

they gave a good response they didnt know how long it take to track down everyone who was using the exploit so they didnt give a 100% time frame…

They didn’t give any time frame whatsoever.
First they gave us “several hours” and then no time frame at all.

Please read.

ya READ what you just said lmao (SEVERAL HOURS) lmao i know some ppl cant think past 1st grade lol and if they cant give you a 1-2 hours like youre demanding means they dont know WHEN! just in the near future of this day after this patch has gone live!!! lol

and who are you to demand something if they didnt give it they didnt give it! grow up your privilige is showing!!!

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