Trading post bug, still can't transfer after the maintance

So, after 3 hours of maintance and promises, that trading post fixed and players can tranfer now, i still have the same issue. Nothing changed at all. Server Anwynn.


I confirm I am the same as you server EKERA 3 hour of update its promises of the chosen ones and still nothing serious to hire real develop because me I will go out on Elyon if its continues, you have already lost a lot of player because of these bullshit

Well hello everybody.
I’m still not transfering, but I did have a problem with trading posts, I guess it’s relevant for this topic.

I didn’t have a problem with trading posts until now, but today I noticed that I didn’t get my gold after a good sell while offline. I reckon promises of this gold being retroactively paid, so I’m still making my trades. Or should I be worried?

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