Trading Post Column Headers are Misnamed/Confusing

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The trading post uses the following terminology on the “My Orders” page:

Qty: The quantity of product that has not been bought/sold yet
Bought: The quantity of product that was initially offered to be bought.
Sold: The quantity of product that was initially offered to be sold.

These terms really don’t make any sense. Shouldn’t “Bought” be the amount that has been bought so far? Shouldn’t “Sold” be the amount that has been sold so far? and “Qty” isn’t very descriptive at all.

It is also more confusing because the “Active Orders” and “Completed & Expired Orders” pages reuse these terms, making it even more confusing because they have slightly different meanings as well.

My suggested changes:

Active Orders:
Sold → Offered (or Offer)
Bought → Requested (or Req)
Qty → Remaining (or Remain)

Completed & Expired (Sell Orders):
Sold → Offered (or Offer)
Qty → Sold

Completed & Expired (Buy Orders):
Bought → Offered (or Offer)
Qty → Bought

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I agree with this. They need to clean up the data presentation to make it easier to digest.

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