Trading post disabled indefinitely?

So guess the trading post for Test, I mean EU central, is disabled indefinitely?

This is the information we have atm.

So indefinitely then. Good job devs, don’t expect to be hired to work on any other MMOs because you designed the game around the trade post but keep screwing up and then disabling the trade post, leaving people no way, except crafting themselves, to get consumables.


It is disabled till Nov 30th, 19h 43m 27.53s UTC

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Where did you get the date?

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I have guessed it. It is as good answer as any you can get.

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AGS could have someone working on a NPC vendor then they could take much longer fixing the trade post.

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Well this is part of the flawed game design combined with their incompetence. Clearly they are not competent enough to have the trade post enabled at all times and as such should not have the game designed around only the trade post.

And as the population continues to dwindle, the issues of having everything centered around the trade post, which requires a healthy playerbase, is going to become more apparent.

yea but what year ?


The trading post is going to be disabled for: hours, days, weeks, even months! Nobody knows, so take your pick! Witch ever sooths you better. This is all the information they gave out, no other conclusion to be drawn!
I know this is not the forum team that is responsible for this communication mess, probably this is all the information they are given as well.
So sit tight and enjoy, soon all bows will be shooting flint arrows!

AGS creates unique situations that other developers have not experienced. There is no one size fits all solution, so they have to invent their own solutions. And it always takes time

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