Trading Post Downtime Effects

While I can’t believe this is something that continues to happen because of poor execution from AGS, I do understand why the trading post is down. It’s in our best interest for it to down while AGS scrambles to fix yet another error on their end. I’m not here to bitch about that, even though trust me I want to and it would be well deserved. What I do want to see is some kind of player compensation for/during this downtime. The Trading Post is an integral piece of most players daily gameplay and while it’s shut down many of us are missing out. I think players deserve a reward cache immediately with legendary mats(asmodeum,Runic,Phoenix Weave, Glittering Ebony) for those of us who rely on the TP for daily cooldowns. I would also like to see a small gold payout(maybe $1-2k) to each player and sprinkle something else in(food,honing stone, etc). These player cache should be handed out daily anytime the trading post is down, which I hope is never again, but we all know that won’t be the case.


I think Trading Post and Player to Player trading should be removed completely from the game, this will stop all bots, if you need something then go get it yourself.

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You can’t be serious.


I think they should also remove group expeditions. if u want to do an expedition just do it yourself :+1:


Yeah i think they should delete the game aswell, if u want to play something, program it yourself. Right? Is that ur logic?


LOL this is the stupidest thing i’ve ever seen someone say about the game.


There are single player games that would be perfect for you!

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I do think we should be compensated somehow, i really wanna buy some stuff, but we can’t because it’s deactivated, i need a few ironwood and wyrdwood but i cant gather either because its never there.

Trading is 50% of this game


We’re not all on the spectrum buddy

I have a feeling Amazon Games will pay for this dearly if its not adjusted promptly. Real cash, real players leaving is always the outcome when something so integral to the game is unavailable. In my experience, one bad customer will tell 10 other people, this game cannot afford another failure.

More then just obatining free hand outs, I would love to see a formal apology and taking full responsibility for this recent dilemma. Dev’s showing that they are working their hardest to get everything working again would truly be enough for me.

But free stuff is always good too :rofl:

Can tell most of you are new here. From the records handing out compensations has only ended up creating more problems.

Fresh starts with no trading or p2p. I would play that, tbh. Truly untainted. :laughing:

i like that idea amen

The low level farms the bots usually do are open again. I kinda like that! I imagine all the bots are just stufft to the gills with loot they can’t sell and it makes me happy.

They just need to perma ban everyone whi did it and revert the trades

Didnt they had an script for that last year?

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How about something practical: food, honing stones, and potions before wars tonight.

Im with you on this it should be permanent ban for any form of cheating even if found to be aim botting/botting

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what sort of pvp player doesn’t have these consumables in spades?

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I usually buy as needed.