Trading post ergonomics

The trading post is actually quite hard to use, especially for the ones which aren’t accustom to use some.

First of all, the buying/selling offer system is quite a great idea!
But, buying offers need some limitations, for example, can’t offer to buy under 50% of the average / lower price of the item. Almost all currently buying offers are at 0.01 gold for any item, in order to trap the players who didn’t understand the system or get an advantage from missclicks.

Next, why is there no filter at all for selling items?? The buying system is quite clear with filters, but sell an item is awfully tedious :confused:
Also, please do something to avoid the page refresh after selling or craft an item… I scroll down, sell item, and I need to scroll down again every time I sell in order to get back to where I was in the list… Same with crafting amulets for example, with different gemstones.

Give the player the ability to chose the default duration for selling offers. 14 days is a looooot, and it implies huge taxes, and I didn’t figured out immediatly that I could change it to reduce taxes. But now I have to change it every time, quite painful :confused:

I don’t know if it’s possible, but for iron tools, for example, the taxes are ruining the business. These are low items, but they can still be useful for new players because made with higher lvl so higher gear scores.
But selling low items implies making 1 offer for each. Selling 10 handmade items is quite long, and will also need to pay 10 times the base tax amount :confused:
I know that they have different stats so it’s not possible to stack them but still, it would be cool to be able to sell multiples of them in a row :slightly_smiling_face:

If buying offers get too numerous, check what Dofus made, only show the best price, or each price only once (the first player who made the offer at this price). - Also, didn’t check, maybe it’s already like this.

When selling an item, it would be cool to know the maximum benefits.
When I’m selling 1278 fibers, I don’t want to make 1278 * 0.98, -10% for taxes, and oh, there is 1.56 taxe in addition… shit, it’s for 1 fibers, let’s value up the slider, but now taxes are… Pls just put the final outcome :D, or at least, under the price for 1 item, show the total outcome for the next, next there is just the ordering tax to retire :slight_smile:

The tab about our current offers is a bit messy… Should have a tab for ongoing offers, another one for the expired offers, and one that shows the successful sales (with the benefit in addition would be great too)

Thanks for reading, good game everyone and good luck devs :wink:


The biggest gripe I have with the game so far is with the auto refresh and scrolling with crafting and auction so I 100% agree with that. I wish this is fixed ASAP.

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