Trading Post notification suggestion

For when an item is sold ( or expires ) why not have the notification pop up in chat as a general message. Similar to the message when you kill a PC in game.

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Interesting idea, Ease. Would you like a sound to play when this happens or just the chat notification?

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The same sound used now could play still but this way it would give you the ability to scroll back in chat to see what item was sold/expired etc.

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Bump…this is a great idea @Ease. Most times I’ll hear a chime but before I can see what was sold in the bottom right if I’m not in a crafting screen or the TP screen or in the middle of a fight, I can see what was sold…for a second. It does become annoying when all you do is craft/pve and sell on the PT hahahahahahaha wonderful idea Ease

Fair idea, Ease. I’ll forward your suggestion to the development team!

Love the idea as I’ve been dying for TP updates!! I’ve suggested this before and hope they still consider it. Although they did finally add a Trade Chat :slight_smile:

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