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Just dropping a feedback regarding the trade notification system and UI overall for own trades.

I find it very hard to understand in a glimps what I have sold. There is no way for me to remove completed or expired orders so i can focus on the ones that matter for me.
Also I cannot filter/order by time which makes it even harder to understand my last sales.

I would kindly ask to refresh the completed/expired orders tab or implement a message/inbox system so i can keep track of my sales.

Lastly, I think a nice to have is the historical chart of prices of an item (eg. Albion). Of course this is just something i like personally, not sure if it makes sense for you. I feel it also helps causal players understand the prices trends slowing down the price variations over time.



If you ordered by date of sale it would be great.

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I absolutely agree I was about to come on the forums and make my first post myself about this.
It’s already hard to tell what you sold if you look away for a few seconds you might completely miss it.

But specifically what is highly annoying to me is selling items while you are offline, you simply get back on and then get a huge gold dump of everything that you sold while you were away without any idea of what items they were or how many items there were.

I agree that probably the simplest fix would be the ability to sort sold items by most recently sold in the trading post. But in addition to that, I think a message or inbox tab would be highly beneficial not only for sell orders but you could also track your buy orders and other items you have bought, what you put up on the marketplace and when, even times that your taxes or due or when you are accepted to war and such.

I absolutely believe a message/inbox tab would be highly beneficial to the game and help players track their spending and buying habits as well as events that happen within the game.

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Would be great to have an additional filtering step on the buy section for the tiers.

Example, if I want to craft strong healing potions and I filter on healing reagents, it would be great if I could also filter Tier 3.


After the new patch the active order tab mentions every item as sold from the start. Seems like a bug.

I understand this is not priority right now but still … BUMP :smiley:

BUMPING this, keeping track in game of what is sold is horrendous. I have to keep a paper ledger just to even remotely keep track of what is selling, how many, how much coin was made. I like to see numbers and right now its impossible to easily see any information like this from the trade post.

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Changing title hoping it is noticed more. Please guys feel free to share your ideas for a better management of Sales history


Same… Bump!


Guys anyone else who has enough of logging ingame and getting crazy understanding what has been sold??
Please post your experience ideas



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