Trading Post Problems

Do you think it’s okay that someone can dump the market in this way indefinitely?

It might be worth adding restrictions / penalties for such activities?

Why? Don’t they have the right to want to sell their stuff faster than others? If nobody buy them, prices will keep decrease. That’s how economy works.

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Can’t you see the amount they are trying to sell? They put up these lots to confuse people who will try to sell something. Nobody will buy it, especially with these bugs / lags on tp.

Which bugs/lags? I don’t have any problem on my server… I do lot of trading, prices vary up and down, but I always sell a bit cheaper than what there are. Sometimes, people sell even cheaper, so they see their stuff sold first, but my stuff will eventually get sold after.

Bugs\lags mb just problem on my server. But do you think it’s okay when a person can create 10+ (even 100) lots of 1 item, creating the illusion of a low price? I see this kind of trick on almost all popular resources on my server.

Well, if you put several lots of 1 item, you’re mostly wasting money… So it’s their choice.

You lose a penny on commission, but you earn a lot more by buying goods at a low price (the price that you artificially created). It seems to me a good solution to the problem would be to allow only one lot for one item.

Or mb adding min amount of resource/item in 1 lot, kind of 100 or 1000 for ores

The minimum amount you have to pay to put something for sale is 0.52g. If you want to make an effect of low price, better drop the price significantly instead of doing this… Some people would even be tempted to buy everything just to sell them back at higher price if the difference is high enough.

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