Trading post qol suggestion

I spend a ton of time on the Trade Post, below are suggestion that I would love to see implemented:

  1. Buying Filters to add:

    1. Weapon Perk (example: all perks associated with a bow/FS/LS etc.) So i dont have to open and search for wwapon perks 1 by 1.

    2. Armor weight size (example: all light/med/heavy) so i dont have to click through just to see only light pants when i want to see light for all the perks i want associated with that weight class.

    3. It is a pain scrolling through all the perks, can you break up defensive perks from offensive perks, pve perks from pvp perks or jewlery perks. Or make categories banes/wards/farming or even let us save searches.

Note - im pretty sure I’ve broken a wheel roller on my middle mouse due to the layout.

  1. Selling. More filter options as well kind of like the buying blurb. Also a filter option on perks that our gear has will make finding the gear faster in our inventory.

If nothing changes it is still manageable cause there isn’t another option but this would be awesome to see in the trade post. Please and thank you.

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