Trading Post refresh/reload interruption

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    When using the trading post the screen will “refresh” and take me back to the main menu. Not only do I lose my place, but you cannot buy/sell any items (will give “Not Available at this Trading Post” error) until you completely exit the trading post and then re-enter. The issue seems to be happening at random. This will also happen in dialogue screens (such as quests) as well as harvesting. It’s almost like a complete interrupt of the task.

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    Cannot buy/sell until reloading the trading post. Cannot finish harvesting unless you start again. Cannot progress dialogue with quest givers.

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    I took a video with my phone: Trading Post bug - YouTube

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    Open the trading post and try to use it. Does not seem specific to any town, nor any time of day. This happens during low population and high population times.

In the video, you’ll see that after I sell the Thick Hide the issue occurs and it dumps me back to the main trading post screen. At this point, the problem will not happen again and I’m able to freely BROWSE the whole trading post for as long as I want. The thing is, I can’t actually buy anything or put anything up for sale until I close out of the trading post and reload it. It will just give an error.

I also noticed this happens when in lengthier dialogues with quest givers, though you cannot progress the dialogue and have to start it over.

Speedtest: 3 ping, 90Mbps download, 95 Mbps upload
Ping test to Sent 388 / Received 388 / 0% Loss

It does not seem to matter time of day or how busy it is. The same error can occur at 3AM with nobody on (and it does!) or during prime time with lots of people running around. It happens frequently enough to where I have to preplan what I’m going to buy or sell, then exit and rejoin the trading post and accomplish the task quickly. If I were to guesstimate, it happens every few minutes.

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