Trading Post - Sold Items Clarity

The trading post sold orders listing is not very clear and/or has potential bugs diluting the portrayal of our sell orders. The following are my main issues that really obfuscate what has actually sold, especially when I log in after some time and see that I have X amount made without knowing what really has sold. At one point in the past I was at least seeing alerts for each item sold which gave me some indication, but now its just a lump sum of coin OR multiple coin only alerts without knowing what was sold.

  1. Older items remain in my sold list. This makes it difficult to know what has been sold recently especially when I have been offline for some time.
  2. Half the time its hard to tell what's really sold. For example, I may have sold an item and the sold column shows 0 sold. Usually this only occurs when I cancel a sell order, but this also shows for actual items sold (see image below)

Adding a sold date is really the only ask from me at this time. It would be nice to see this to make strategic trading post decisions and to have clarity after putting up many items on the trading post to see what really has been sold as I may already have multiple listings of that same item in my sold list from previous dates. If I were selling just a few items a day it may not be a big deal, but that doesn’t seem like what this game is intended for. I am a casual player and still end up putting quite a few items up daily so for those that are more hardcore I can only imagine how ugly this would be to track for them.

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