Trading post -- sorting bug


in trading post sort by does not work properly. There are plenty of topics made that sort by does not work and however yet no changes have made.

Do we see this bug fixed or not??

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how are you even in the game when its not up?

Cause I love this game, but without bugs?

No fix never?

Never. :disguised_face:

But more reasonably, what exactly is the issue you’re referring to? There’s a lot of ways to sort!

The UI should be redesigned and more sorting options is much needed to be honest. There’s many topics regarding this on reddit and on the forums, just to link a few: (first linked suggestion would be a great QoL change)


Thanks for these! Aware of the feedback for sure, but curious about the bug in particular here. :slight_smile:


Yeah I don’t know what the OP means, but I would kill 1000 more rabbits to be able to filter by attribute.


Here you go, made post in january:

Several topics about the same issue:

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Thank you for including mine in that list! :slight_smile:

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Satisfied with my answer? :eyes:

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Very, thank you! Always want to make sure I capture your direct feedback / experiene instead of assuming it’s something I’ve seen! I’ll make sure this is captured and discussed with the appropriate team!

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Excellent :heart: keep up the good work :fist_right: :fist_left:

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