Trading Post Update per Dev Blog

In today’s patch (1.0.5) and the accompanying Dev Blog post, @Luxendra wrote:

All Trading Posts will been linked. This change was made to strengthen the economies less traveled territories, and ensure item availability in all territories.

I was just in-game, and the Trading Posts are not linked. This didn’t make this patch? Or is this something that you will be turning on region by region? What is the ETA on this?

Directly above the paragraph about trading post linkage

In our November major release, we have a slew of economic focused updates and bug fixes aimed at improving the current state of the economy.

Devs plan major releases each month and weekly patches. It is safe to assume that will most likely be incorporated in Novembers major release.

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OK, so if the patch number is X.Y.Z, like the recent patch was 1.0.5, I assume a major release is going to be something like 1.1.0 (updating the Y? or even X?)

I just thought with the post happening in the middle of the patch that it was all tied to 1.0.5. Thanks for the info.

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Yes usually major releases will move that middle number up, depending on how the devs decide to format that (we don’t have a cadence just yet since it has not happened).

It was definitely an interesting time to drop the dev blog as it coincided with a patch day, but it is unrelated to this patch (there are some topics in the dev where they mentioned it has been dropped in 1.0.5).

It’s OVER for Everfall/Windsward.

I’m more interested how this will work.

If I post buy order from FL and someone seels it to me in WW does the stuff land in my storage in FL or WW?
Will we need to run/port to gather what we bought? If so this wil be massive time sink or azoth sink which already is a problem. Imagine trying to buy materials for crafting and then teleport all over the map to bring it to the place you do your crafting.

i would hope they have it fill the buy order into the townthat the buy order is placed at, not the town its filled at, assuming its something similar to the system where youy can place items for sale in one town then take them down in another and itll come into that town for you(although techincally your inventory) but you get the picture.

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Per the note, the fees for buying will be in the territory you buy it, and the product will be delivered normally.

Now all needed for the economic side is a Postal system where you wont have to travel all over just to meet up to trade.

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Please help us track this feedback by keeping it all in one place! Here’s an existing one: Linking ALL Trading Houses? Goodbye! Prepare for UBERDEFLATION

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