Trading posts being linked is good because Azoth is a terrible mechanic

Azoth just inconveniences me and causes me to become literally stranded and unable to participate in content.

I have had people want to group up with me to do elite zones, but then they realise they don’t have enough Azoth to come and join in. This is extremely unfair, its a detriment to playing the game.

In regards to those azoth vials, I have not checked the price recently, but atleast before outpost rush they were extremely expensive and not an option to simply purchase azoth. They are far too rare.

In its current state, I would much prefer that many of these inconvenient mechanics like Azoth be removed entirely. Other similar anti-fun mechanics are storage limits, house taxes, gold respec costs, etc.

Can we play a video game for fun for once and not limit players’ freedom? Thanks.


It’s just good, period. Encumbering gameplay for some abstruse notion of economic fidelity is short sighted. Need fewer spergs and more regular Joes inventing the systems in MMO these days.

Before linked posts you would have bought my Azoth that I left around at a nice markup. No longer with the poor decision to link trading posts.

Doesnt wanto pay extra for goods - pays azoth price to go buy goods. - Complains about not having azoth.

can we play a game for fun you say, well some people have fun in different ways. Like working the economy that isnt linked. There is so much you can play with when different markets exist in the world.

it isnt that hard to farm azoth nor is it that hard not to overspend it and just run places sometimes.

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“Just run places”

I think you are missing the point entirely. Try reading the first 3 words of my body paragraph in the post.

Please help us track this feedback by keeping it all in one place! Here’s an existing one: Linking ALL Trading Houses? Goodbye! Prepare for UBERDEFLATION

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