Trading without TP... Was actually pretty fun

Sure, it’s a complete chaos and not at all convenient. And the global chat is completely wrecked. And stuff ends up a bit more expensive most of the time, not to mention the excessive use of Azoth to move around and meet people.

But despite all that, the whole thing with trying to hunt down stuff, and then having to negotiate for it rather than having a “fixed” normalized price has actually been a really enjoyable experience this evening.

This suprised me a lot, so I felt the need to post this here :slight_smile:

Yeah, global chat on our server went from 5 messages per hour to almost six or seven messages per hour. Wild times on Noatun!

I take it you are on a server where the problem is actually finding people to negotiate with then :S I guess that would take a lot of the fun out of it.

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