Traditional Paladin?


I really love the traditional paladin (Tank, with holy abilities) and was wondering if in the future this could be something that would be added?

Perhaps as a new skill tree for the sword and board? Are adding new skill trees something that has been confirmed?

On a sidenote, I would love more taunt gem compatabilities! I feel as if there’s not a lot of flexibility when it comes to playing as a tank

greatsword, will have a whole tanking skilltree
tons of leeching etc, but no “paladin” style

Yeah, I’m excited for the greatsword; but as you mentioned it isn’t really a paladin playstyle :c

The closest to paladin I was is 300str/200foc light equipped sword and shield with lifestaff tanking in M10s.

Dynasty, tempest and depths especially.
It felt like a retri paladin builld from wow if you familiar with it.

But I think if we want a paladin build would it make more sense if it had anything to do with the hammer?

I thought the lifestaff/sns was more of a janky build but if you’re playing it in m10 I suppose it’s a lot better than I thought. I played a little WoW, so I’m not familiar unfortunately.

My preference would be sword and shield, but I’m not particularily fussed as long as there are supportive abilities akin to the paladin playstyle (bonus if they are holy in thematic)

Yeah the holy side would make more sense if they build it around a hammer. Paladins always had hammers in the lore of many games or even mythologies.


In myth and legend Paladins were knights with no restrictions on weaponry. The earliest use of the term Paladin is from the Chanson de Roland (Song of Roland). These Paladins were the twelve knights of Charlemagne’s inner circle, not clergy or monks. Roland himself and the other Paladins specifically use sword, lance and shield; Roland’s sword was named Durandal. As a medieval chivalric romance those Paladins didn’t do a lot of healing.

Arthurian Knights of the Round Table might well be considered Paladins, with several instances of devout knights praying for healing successfully. Lancelot even resurrected Sir Dinadan after accidentally slaying him in a joust… before the business with Guinevere left him somewhat less than holy. Unless they were under some command or oath Knights of the Round Table routinely used lance/sword/shield.

Historical ecclesiastical knightly orders also had some influence on modern Paladins. Though they were Christian monks or even priests these orders used lances and swords.

Paladins got their modern look as tanks who (routinely) heal in Dungeons and Dragons. There are no restrictions against sword/board for Paladins that I’m aware of, though I’m no expert on the current 5th edition.

There’s no reason a Paladin couldn’t use hammer, mace or club, of course. In the late medieval period many knights switched from swords to blunt weapons as side arms. Maces were more effective against heavy armor than blades.

Perhaps you’re thinking of clerics, not Paladins. Clerics are restricted to blunt weapons in D&D, reflecting medieval strictures against Christian clerics ‘shedding blood’. On a number of occasions Christian clergy did fight using maces or clubs with enthusiasm. Chanson de Roland included such a warrior-priest (Turpin, Archbishop of Rheims) I believe. Historically, Bishop Odo of Bayeux (probably) fought at Hastings. He certainly appears on the Bayeux Tapestry in mail and wielding a club. Odo had a reputation as a warrior and commander, and was eventually imprisoned for planning a military expedition to Italy, and possibly against the Pope.

TL, DR: some modern game lore may restrict Paladins to blunt weapons but the influencing sources, including D&D, do not.

My two cents.

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Very interesting and informative reply, thanks a lot sir.

I thought initially that paladins were never a thing in real life myth but only on games. I was actually only referencing what I knew from few online games I played including WoW.

Either way thanks for the throughout explanation.

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