Transfer character from fresh start to legacy server

What is the timeline for enabling character transfer from fresh start to legacy? I have a near max level character with dozens of hours sunk into it and all of my friends play on a legacy server. I don’t play anymore because of this; I’d really just like to be able to transfer and play with them


@Wyvernn can you please ask the dev team for an update on this? I know we had a post closed out where we discussed this earlier this year, but as Seasons are about to release, friends on FSS would really love to come play with me on Legacy. The original Fresh Start World Rollout Plan and FAQ posted October 27, 2022 stated that “plan to allow transfers from a Fresh Start World to a legacy world at a later time”. Its been pretty much radio silence on this since, and a few of us would just really appreciate an updated timeline if not an explanation if there was a change in plans. I understand everyone is very busy at AGS so any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks for you time.

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Hello @TerraNPatroL88 and @COLTS,

Welcome to the New World forum, I’m really glad to see you are here at the forums and hope you can enjoy your time here and at the game as well!

Thanks for sharing this concern with us, this has been a recurrent topic for a while now, we have escalated this however no updates has been shared regarding this subject.

I will request a new update and see if we get any luck however I cannot promise you that we will get another asnwer than the one that has been shared already.

If you need further assistance in any other issue please don’t hesitate in reaching us again!



Thank you. I absolutely understand that this may not result in an answer, but I greatly appreciate the response

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Im guessing we still haven’t received a reply on this? Just wanted to double check.


Hope you are doing great and thank you for the patience.!

By the time we do not have any new information related to this transfer option. I suggest to keep an eye on the Official News. The new information will be posted there when available.

Best wishes!

Thanks for the reply. I understand that this attempt from Wyvernn may not result in an answer from the dev team. For that I am dissapointed, but certainly understand thats not on the customer service department.

I have been keeping a close eye on the official news. I literally look at it every day. Its been 131 days since the FSS servers went live and its been its been 137 days since the Fresh Start World Rollout Plan and FAQ was released. It was the following message on the FAQ posted in Official News that has me so frustrated…

We just want the opportunity to transfer. Or at least an update. Anyway, again thanks for re-checking with the dev team.


I understand that some players have been waiting for this option to be available and it is frutrating to wait for.
When the team updates this topic you can have the new information by the official communitication on the web or the forums.
I encourage you to share this topic on the Game Feedback site so it can have a better visibility for all the community.

Thank you for you uderstanding hero.!