Transfer from fresh start to fresh start?

Can I really not transfer from one fresh start to another? Round 2 of not being able to play with my friends because their server was full. Starting to regret attempting this game again. Has there been any info on transferring since they opened??

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Hello there @Nex, welcome back to the forums,

Thank you for reaching out regarding this question, unfortunately there are no transfers available for fresh servers, you can find this and more answers here [Notice] Fresh Start World Rollout Plan and FAQ.

Remember to keep an eye out on our news category in case this changes in the future:

Let me know if I can help you with anything else!


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Please open transfers between fresh worlds or at least option to transfer between them.

Everyone of us want to keep playing in fresh start but not on a dead server… and we dont want to be forced to join a legacy server if our server run empty like it does now… we played fresh start because we dont want to be in legacy servers ever again and we enjoy the clean state of fresh worlds.

As you might already know legacy servers are unfair for fresh players who dont want to be involved in lots of duped gold/items, overpriced gear, unbalanced territorities, whereas the whole game had multiple exploits and one year of free money for big companies.

Its two different worlds, please dont open transfers between fresh to legacy. Enabling transfers to legacy will let the fresh worlds even die faster. And the player base already dropped to its lowest again.

You basically scammed the whole player base and divided them into two. And now it seems that it was just a shameless attempt to attract more players without caring about their experience?

Hello @mathieuderuyck,

Thank you for your suggestion, I appreciate you for taking the time to share it, I recommend you create a post with this valuable feedback to the feedback section where our devs and the rest of the community can check it out.

Thank you for your time!


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There’s been plenty of posts about this topic with little to no response besides “We do not currently have plans” or just linking the Q&A stating “Not at this time”.

We need an actual response ASAP.

Hi @Prasinos333,

To be completely clear the current response is exactly that, there are no plans at the moment to enable them, while I understand that might not be the answer you are expecting that is the current stance of the developers, however player feedback is very valuable and the situation may change in the future but not right now.

I hope that clarifies the current plans for the transfers!



Guess you’ll just have to go to Legacy.

Not sure about your current server, but mine feels no different than Legacy at this point. Especially a couple servers I know of on US east. Someone posted a map of one that had 8 or 9 territories taken by 1 legacy company.

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Hello there everyone!

Thank you for all your feedback and insight on this issue, as I can see that the post has deviated from the support scope I will proceed to close the thread, please refer to the information provided at the top by me about this topic if needed.

Feel free to start a post in the general discussion category if you wish to continue the conversation or the feedback category to further provide more feedback! :slight_smile:

Thank you!