Transfer of gold

Hey guys!

I sent 9k coins to a friend yesterday, on Ife. But today, after the rollback, his gold was lost, and it was not returned back to me.

The rollback has already occurred completely, as I understand it?

For what I understand rollback append but something did not rollback…
maybe that was one off them see more information:

Yeah… I checked it already. Thanks

When will this problem be resolved or at least noticed?

And when will my harvesting set be returned? I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks

This game is the worst I’ve played this year!

Harvesting set will not be returned! 9k gold was not returned!

It’s totally Amazon’s fault.

Will someone return it? or at least answer here? - No

Add to this constant server maintenance.

In general, I’m leaving. Wow for over 10 years and 10 times better

Successfully you close the project in a few months

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