Transfer or merge

i want to know when world transfer will be available again or Ursa server will be merged with another server because we are very extinct …can’t play Opr, almost no expedition, elite run etc.

Hello @szlavikveronika17
For the moment we do not have a date for the transfers, about the merges they are always announced here:

For example, this post is regarding different servers but is just so you get an idea of what to be looking for :smiley:

If I see any info I will also try to update the post but please be patient in the meanwhile :smiley:

unenjoyable the game. boring, nothing to do. lvl 200 trade skills but no customer.
could you tell someone that our server is dying?

I actually already did escalate the situation but in the meanwhile, we have to be patient and check for official updates :smiley:

I think ppl have been patient for a really long time now that it actually ran out already.

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