Transfer system. Dead economy

Pay attention to servers with a fast pace of development.

They are the basis for you to make decisions about the economic situation in the New World.
Due to the fact that players do not have enough gold, resource prices are falling rapidly.

The problem is not that resources are easy to obtain, but that there is no gold currency for players who would like to buy these resources.

Because of this, people who have spent time pumping professions suffer.
At the moment, servers with a fast pace of development have a terrible economy. The market is overflowing with resources, and gold to buy
the players have no resources, and there is no alternative
there is no source of obtaining gold either.

This will greatly affect the players after the transfer. At the moment, you can make a very large amount of gold on the servers where the economy is still normal and after the transfer to have an advantage over the players on the server where the economy is already corrupted.

There are a lot of options for implementing additional gold in the game in addition to limited quests.
Interaction with NPS, increase the rates of obtaining gold from monsters at times.

I believe the New World could fail if the economic problems are not resolved in the coming week.

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