Transfer to another world

Character Name : Jurgi87
Server/World Name : Barri
trying since yesterday

i cannot transfger to Abaton from Barii, it says i have a active trading post…
but i dont have any…

u got any solutions ?
i want to join my friends.

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Hello, @jurgi87.

I hope you are doing good.

I’m sorry that you are unable to transfer your character to a different world.

This is to inform you that we’ve already identified that some players are unable to transfer their character to a different world due to active contracts in the trading post despite not having any. The dev team has been looking closely into this issue.

As of 8/5/2022 - Fix already verified and tested, will be live with the new update, mostly middle of this coming week. The same will be updated in the Official News section once it is deployed.

I hope this information helps.

Have a great weekend! ★

Any word on this Transfer Issue? Have been waiting to hear an answer like the one I’m replying to for months. :frowning: @MrLee

This does not work. 9 tries at the Mountain Home outpost shrine. When I tried at other shrines it would tell me I needed to be at a shrine,outpost,sanctuary, so maybe another bug in there as well

Ok, to transfer, and it took some effort, I went to Mountainhome outpost. Bug for trade house.

Went top Myrkguard old, new bug, cant because TP bug AND …not at a shrine, which I was

Went to Vasqueze like another said, ZERO LUCK

FINALLY, I went to Eden grove, North Eastern Outpost, without moving as I ported in, clicked, and it leet me move.

So, OP, try al of that. One of the outpost shrines WILL clear the bug

Agreed. See here too lol – Free Server Transfer Token Needed!

Hello Aeternum Dwellers,

I am sorry to hear you are having trouble transferring servers. Please note we are aware some players can’t transfer to another world as the Trading Post contract checker seems to be not loading properly. Our developer team is currently looking closely into this issue and updates will be sent soon.

Some players have been able to get around this by going to the middle fast travel point in Great Cleave called Tempest Valley Shrine, pressiing “E”, then going to the shop and initiating the transfer while having PvP turned OFF. Others have tried the process continually at one of the sanctuaries until the option came up.

In the mean-time, if the above method does not work, they are requesting of affected players to submit their World/Region and
Character Name in a web ticket to look further into this here: Contact Us | Amazon Games.

Please, do not submit this information in the forums but on the link stated above.

See you in Aeternum! :wolf:

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