Transfer token gone

and just a side note do you know what a computer bug originally was?

World’s First Computer Bug | National Geographic Society

Yes I do know where the term comes from but I’m not sure why it’s relevant though, unless you are suggesting actual insects got into the servers? I’ll give you that the issue was likely caused by a large number of transfers all at once but that is also just a guess because we have no idea what the breakdown of transfers was between regions. We don’t know what caused the bug as you said and speculating gets us nowhere really.

you are speculating that the issues was there and they should have know bugs happen all the time for no apparent reason could be someone had 1 specific item or it was a hardware failure

Nothing in code happens for “no apparent reason” literally nothing that’s not how code works, it works precisely as coded every time, certain interactions between code can have unintended outcomes once put into practice and this is the source of most bugs. What I’m saying is that nothing that happened on the 3 regions that where launched last Thursday was unique to them vs the 2 regions launched on Wednesday except the volume which I’ve already agreed with you about and said was likely the problem.

Actually just reread the original post where they outright state that the server transfer bug was happening prior to full release and they stopped the server transfers because it kept happening when they fully launched it, meaning that prior the full release they knew the bug existed but jsut sort of hoped it would go away on a full release.

you misread what it actually says. that was posted AFTER the full release. so they found it upon full release of transfers not before.


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Which maintainence? :rofl:

Nope I didn’t you did this was put hours after the full release which was 24 hours after the partial release. The only “last night” they could possibly be talking about was the the night before full release which means that this issue was occurring during the partial release of the server transfers.

See where it says “we did that for those affected last night” the only thing this could be referring to is the day it was only active on 2 regions.

Reading this thread, your tongue must be so tired and taste awful, give it a rest. we bought the game as well, we have a right to be annoyed and voice it.

my server has gone all green and is mostly empty, i have tried for hours to get a group to continue the story quest “into the depths”. you can stand around elite quest mobs forever, no one is going to be around to help.

its not fun and i don’t bother logging in anymore. by the time i can transfer to the server everyone went to, who knows if they will even be playing anymore.

this killed the game for me. so sit down and let us vent, they are not going to give you anything special for all that hero worship you do.

Ya It’s most defiantly killing the server I am on and 75% of my guild made the transfer. Really sucks that I can’t play with them. It was the whole point of me getting the game in the first place.

Stop reply for the developers we are about 35 people who we are all seperated in different servers and we all paid about 50$ each to buy the game as a team … Do your maths and respect our money , just stop typing if you are not a develeper. You can reply as a users … Dont make me to tell you what to do with your links .

Actually I am a developer not for new world but I have spent years working with code stop bashing the deva when you obviously don’t know what your talking about.

Check the date of the post it literally was posted the day after the transfers were opened.

Not worshiping anyone and you have your right to be annoyed just like I have my right to defend what I feel is wrongfully said

It was posted the Thursday which is the day after transfers where activated in 2 regions Thursday was the day it went live in all regions and the update I posted was posted the same day as the full release of transfers

you may be right I lost a day somewhere.

Do you know for a fact that they didn’t think they patched it before full release?

But you realize that all these people screaming about them being turned off would have been 10x worse if they never did the full release.

the whole forums woulda have turn against them rather than just a minority of players would have been something like “WHY did those regions get it but not us!!” better to let the majority of players swap then fix any issues that arise after the fact because for one it allowed them to gather that much more data on the issue.

Still sitting on a dead server, Company closed, 95 other Company members transferred off. Playing a MMO with myself. Others will not group. Do not get picked for wars, invasions and there is no OutPost rush. bored…

what server? maybe we can help each other:)

It seems that today they will be active again. Cross our fingers:

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